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Mennonite Mom is a wonderful Etsy shop for those who either do not know how to sew or would rather be doing something else!  She sells everything from head veilings to jackets and blazers.  Dresses for big and little girls as well as women.  Cape dresses, or no capes.  And she even has a maternity section.

I asked Jane, owner of Mennonite Mom, to write a little bio for me about her business and how it started.

My name is mennonitemom, and I am so glad to meet you through “Living in the Shoe”.

Last year I began a journey of selling affordable, plain and modest clothing to families across the US.  My heart has been blessed by the many friendships that I have made through my stores.   Across the US, there are folks who are turning to a plain and modest lifestyle.

What does the word “modest” mean? This is a question that each of us may answer just a little differently.

I like what one person told me that modesty means the 3 L’s:

  • Loose
  • Layered
  • Long

We will not always agree on the exact same style of dress. However, we do have the same Father, who is always faithful to help us understand His Word and to apply it to our everyday lives.

She’s currently selling old-fashioned, little girl Christmas dresses.  You might want to get yours before they are all gone!
Women’s cape dresses
Women’s light blouse jacket
Women’s non-cape dresses
I adore this little pink dress!
She sells a wide variety of veils, both white and black.

Etsy isn’t the only place where she sells modest clothing, she’s also got many listings on Ebay.  Currently, she is selling 2 sets of baskets that were made by her widow friend, from which the sales support her and her family of 6.

In addition to her other items on Ebay is one hammock, from which the sales support Mennonite Air Missions in Guatemala.

Mennonite Mom is offering a promotion code to the readers of Living in the Shoe for 10% off any Etsy order.  This coupon code is good until November 30.   Just enter promo code livinginashoe at checkout for your 10% off.

And Mennonite Mom is also on Pinterest for those of you who want to check out or follow her great pins.







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  1. Lisa Hamn says

    I would like to order ten dresses for students at a deaf school in Belize. It is a Mennonite school. We work light construction there each February through a family missions trip. I am working on getting sizes. They probably range in size from a size 8 in girls to a medium in women’s. Can you let me know if you think you can do this. We have teams going in May and August. We are in Alabama. Thank you!!

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