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Change the green numbers to the width of your button, the pink number to the height you want your grab box to be, and the yellow number to the height of your button.

The url of your blog is at the very top of your screen.  You will need to highlight it, then right-click it, and select copy.  It copies that url to your invisible clipboard.  Then you can highlight where it says Yourblogurl in the code, right-click it, and choose paste.  It should paste your blog url into the code.  Anytime someone asks for the url of your page, it is always up at the top of the screen, like in the picture below.  It is the specific web address of your page.

After you’ve entered this into your html gadget or text widget, click save and you’re done.

Have fun and ask questions if you have any!



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Kendra is married to the love of her life, called "Mommy" by six precious children, and lives every day with prayer, chocolate, and sweet kid kisses.

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