Oregon Coast Vacation {Part 2}

  This morning started off exceptionally well. The Statue of Liberty emptied my dishwasher for me. Or so I was told this spectacle was supposed to be . . .   We took the kids to Newport to do some exploring around there.  We started out at the Hatfield Science Center.  Since we arrived early, we went on their nature walk and found a couple shrimp in the mud flats.  That was really neat for these mountain folks!   For lunch, we made a much-needed stop at a ... read more

Oregon Coast Vacation {Part 1}

  I hope you don't mind . . . but I am going to post pictures of our vacation - while still on vacation.  Once I get home, there will be green beans, pickles, gardens and a yard awaiting me.  And this blog will take second fiddle. So I will try to post a few pictures at the end of each day for you to enjoy with us!  We've already taken way too many pictures as it is . . . and need to share them with somebody. We arrived last evening and within minutes the children were already in ... read more



The Death of a Sinner

  It is hard for a Christian to deal with the death of a sinner.  We constantly wonder if maybe we could have done something more than what we did.  And there comes a time when you realize that each person makes their own decision - nobody can make it for them. This has been driven home ... read more