Loving The Toddler Years

  There was a day years ago when I came face to face with this horrible fact. I did not like my children.   I loved them and would lay down my life for them, but I did not enjoy them like I had hoped I would. Instead, I had given into the hype around me about bratty kids and the terrible twos.  It was easy to find myself believing that my kids were just going through a phase and would grow out of it. But what if they didn't? And what if I would never be able to ... read more

The Shoe’s May Gardens

  Summer is beginning. And we are so happy here.       This flowerbed is tilled up and waiting for me and my shovel.  Petunias will go here this afternoon. Looks like somebody took a backwards dive off the porch . . .   Nobody is missing any body parts around here, so they must have come through unscathed! All my flowerpots are planted.  I'm pretty sure I had more fun than is legal to have while planting flowers!  It was a gorgeous, sunny day of ... read more



Running On Your Avenue

  Ever feel like you are doing nothing for the kingdom of God? You look around you and it seems like everyone else has a special gift or assignment from God that is saving souls or proclaiming the Gospel . . . and you're stuck in the kitchen making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for ... read more