Facebook Friday


  Wyatt is ready to take you on Facebook Friday again!                           Have a blessed Good Friday! … [Continue reading]

When It Hurts To Land In The Mud


  I know all about lofty ambitions, high goals, and aiming for the sky. I also know about landing down in the mud. Just recently, I put on the blog my wishes for my children - the goals Lowell and I are aiming for in raising them.  Little did I know that within hours of publishing it, … [Continue reading]

The Old Homestead


  One evening we left all the work inside, grabbed the camera, and raced outside to have some fun before the sun slid behind the western … [Continue reading]

Facebook Friday


It has been two full weeks since our last Facebook Friday, so this will be a pretty full post.   Remember to click on the picture if you … [Continue reading]

Jesus Calling by Sarah Young: A Word of Caution

another jesus calling

  Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.   2 Timothy … [Continue reading]

Facebook Friday


  Since I know there are quite a few of you readers who are not on facebook, I thought I'd bring The Shoe on Facebook to you!  We like to … [Continue reading]

How I Cheat At Laundry . . . With Six Kids


  Want to know my dirty little laundry secret on how to get laundry done with six children?   I don't do it. Gulp.  Talk about … [Continue reading]

Gluten-Free Oatmeal Cookies

gf cookies

  I had posted the recipe for Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies some time ago.  These are the cookies that Lowell grew up with and, around here, … [Continue reading]

What I Wish For My Children

wish for children pic

  Our goal is not to produce children who are simply an asset to society. ~~~ Instead, we aim to raise them to be vibrant messengers of the … [Continue reading]

Settling In


  Big sigh. We are moved and I'm still alive and kicking!  A huge thank you to every single lady who gave us food, helped clean out my … [Continue reading]

The Mad Scientists


  Meet The Two Mad Scientists.     Today was supposed to be dress-up day at school, but it got cancelled due to flooding. … [Continue reading]

Dear Saturday’s Diary

IMG_7411 copym

  Dear Diary on this snowy Saturday,   I'm sitting in the middle of a "hospital".  The kids have been sleeping in the living room … [Continue reading]

Dear Tuesday’s Diary


  It's been a long time since I posted anything.  Not that I haven't thought of you all.  In fact, I have so many posts floating around inside … [Continue reading]

Our New Home


  Our family back east was asking for pictures of the home we will be moving into, Lord willing.  So since we took pictures to show them, I … [Continue reading]

Love My Laundry Stain Remover


  I was ready to cry. I'd sprayed and washed, resprayed and rewashed, and reresprayed and rerewashed those jeans.  Ok, don't look at me … [Continue reading]

While We Were Gone . . .


  While we took a break from blogging . . .   someone aiming to perfect the art of emptying the toilet paper … [Continue reading]

Taking the Shoe Out of the Closet { & 2 Big Announcements }


  I really shouldn't be on here. Really. Instead, I should have my head somewhere up in the attic in an old, dusty box.  All because of … [Continue reading]

The Shoe Goes In The Closet


  The time has come . . . to put the Shoe into the closet.     When married to a mailman who brings you all your wonderful … [Continue reading]