A Church With The Wrong Foundation {book study}

  One day I awake, in sort of a Rip Van Winkle experience, to find that my world, the world of the church, had changed, and I had been 'left behind'.  Where had everyone gone?  Most churches were now talking about dysfunctional families, poor self-image, co-dependency, addictions, 12-step programs, and needs, lots and lots of needs that the church was supposed to meet.  More Christians were obtaining their philosophy for living from popular talk-show hosts than from Jesus and Paul.  (ch. ... read more

My 2 Favorite Skillets

  Doing some research about nine months ago, we came to realize how detrimental nonstick pans are for our health.  So we decided to come up with an alternative.  Especially when I began to see how the teflon was coming off and ending up in our food! I looked around - notice I did not say "shopped around" since we are 1 1/2 hours away from major retail outlets - and we found some tri-ply pans on Amazon.  These have three layers like this:  stainless steel, aluminum, stainless steel.  I ... read more



“This Little Church Went To Market” Synopsis and Study

  For a year or so, I had been wanting to read the trilogy by Dr. Gary Gilley called This Little Church.  All three books address issues in the church today.   Titles include: This Little Church Went to Market - Is the Modern Church Reaching Out or Selling Out? This Little ... read more