Weekly Dinner Menu Planner {printable}

Weekly Dinner Menu Planner

  I am not a true foodie. I do not enjoy thinking about my next meal, what I should make, and all the choices to pick from.  I would much rather have it laid out for me, so I can free my mind to focus on other things!  Things like . . . why did God make my kids so cute and ornery at the … [Continue reading]

8 Weeks To a Healthier Me **Final Update


  If you've been counting the weeks with me, you'll realize I'm posting this a few days early.  My eight weeks are up the beginning of next week, but it suits me better to post this now. So the final verdicts are in! These are just a few of my musings, achievements, and failures since … [Continue reading]

Update on Pastor Saeed


  I am quickly putting this up because I know some of you have checked back here for updates on Pastor Saeed, who is imprisoned in Iraq, and … [Continue reading]

Summer Salad Jars


  Gardens are so much fun!  And so rewarding. I know not everyone will agree with me because not everyone loves to garden like I do.  And … [Continue reading]

The Weeks Gone By ~ 9/5


  School started this week!         The beginning of school always holds mixed emotions for me.  … [Continue reading]

When The Cat’s Away . . . Our Week Alone


  So Daddy took off on his yearly hunting trip.     Now before I begin, I must tell you we missed him muchly!  (yeah, … [Continue reading]

A Healthier Me, Update #2


  8 Weeks To a Healthier Me - Update #2             Let me count backwards a minute . . . … [Continue reading]

Canning Fresh Peaches


  It is peach season!   When we lived back East, I liked to can Baby Gold peaches.  But since moving West, I have been unable to … [Continue reading]

Boys and Their Fishing Flies


  As a summer project, our boys adopted the art of tying fishing flies.  They read a few books from the library, watched some youtube clips on … [Continue reading]

Berean Call Conference . . . Plus Q&A on “Another Jesus Calling”


  I receive weekly emails from The Berean Call and wanted to let you all know about their Berean Bible Conference coming next weekend.  (In … [Continue reading]

Prayers for the Brown Family

Prayer Request Family Blog

      I know some of you have heard of the tragedy that fell on the Brown family the beginning of this month.  I had not … [Continue reading]

Applesauce Making


  Apples, apples, and more apples! We are loving having fresh fruit just a few steps away in our own orchard this summer.  The early apples … [Continue reading]

Peanut Blossom Cookies


  These are Terrel's favorite cookies.  And so we made a batch to take along camping!  Which was postponed due to weather, and so we popped … [Continue reading]

The One Thing To Never Say To A Tired, Stressed-out Mama


  We've all seen her.  The tired, stressed-out mama with a trail of little ones behind her. She's the one who looks to be battling tears at … [Continue reading]

The Weeks Gone By ~ 8/14


  In the past couple weeks, we have had some more special company come to visit us way out west!  Lowell's Uncle Benny and Aunt Miriam dropped … [Continue reading]

A Healthier Me, Update #1


  Yesterday was three weeks since I began my eight-week journey to a healthier me.  So I'm probably past due for an … [Continue reading]

Daddy and Dallas . . . One Year Later


  Remember this picture?       I had taken it when Dallas was somewhere around a month old.  One year … [Continue reading]

Freezing Fresh Green Beans


  We are in the middle of green bean season here.  Of course, it's even a bit later for me personally, since I had to replant most of my green … [Continue reading]