Freezing Sweet Corn

  Our lives have been so abundantly blessed this past month with such delicious fresh-pickings from our garden! In fact, just this week, we had fun canning salsa, freezing our sweet corn, pickling cucumbers, canning green beans, and also canning two batches of pasta sauce.  Somewhere in there, we managed to clean the house.  Believe me, it needed it. August is always a busy month - but I love the busyness of harvesting produce that we grow ourselves.  It is when all those hours I ... read more

Mr. Zucchini

  One of our garden treasures!   This summer we grew some huge zucchini.  In fact, Mr. Zucchini here weighed in at 11 1/2 pounds . . . according to the two goobers who were doing some weightlifting exercises with him.     We forgot to measure how long he was.       I'd say Mr. Zucchini was "fair-worthy", but Mama didn't want to take the time to enter him. So the chickens enjoyed him immensely!     Mr. ... read more