Farewell To 2014


  Today is a very special day.  Christmas vacation begins at noon today!!!  Let me add one more exclamation point there.    !   We LOVE Christmas vacation.  We love the time away from homework, school . . . and more homework.  We love having the time for sledding, slumber … [Continue reading]

E-Sword & Colossians Study Questions


    Our ladies Sunday School class has reached the end of Colossians.  Well . . . let's just say the men's class reached the end.  We had to stop in chapter three since we were having such a good time discussing submission.  I have some really great ladies in my class and they teach … [Continue reading]

Chicken and Brown Rice


  After trying Trim Healthy Mama several times, we began to research more the way we should be eating.  Someday I will tell you these baby … [Continue reading]

“Just for Mommy” Giveaway Winner!


  Houston, we have a winner!       I want to take this moment to  thank each and every one of you that took the … [Continue reading]

Hanging Veil Tutorial and Pattern


  I've noticed that we have had several folks looking at our "store" here at the Shoe.  I meant to get this post up soon after I put the store … [Continue reading]

The Weeks Gone By ~ 12/12


  The Gospel According to Megan   The "cleanliness is next to godliness" part of a mother in me wanted to take down the papers on my … [Continue reading]

My 6 Prerequisites to Writing “Weightier” Posts


  When I sit here with my fingers on the keyboard, it is hard for me to see what it looks like from the other side of this blog - your side. … [Continue reading]

The Final Word on Beth Moore


  We are grateful for the examples shared of women in the New Testament who held positions of responsibility.  However, we find no specific … [Continue reading]

Christmas To Me . . .


  Christmas to me . . .   is laughter ringing through the halls decorated with manger scenes, greenery, and happy … [Continue reading]

Two Reasons Why We Do Not Recommend Beth Moore


  It probably looks like we enjoy putting out posts like these, but we truly do not.  Instead, Lowell and I both have a deep burden for the … [Continue reading]

The Uncensored Shoe


  Do you know what this blog is?  It is simply a snapshot of our lives.  We are living out the whole roll of film, but you only get one … [Continue reading]

Willow for Pain Reliever {Grandma’s Column}


  Nature's Painkiller The Lord shall open unto thee His good treasure. Deuteronomy 28:12   Kendra is right, I enjoy studying nature. … [Continue reading]

“Just For Mommy” Christmas Giveaway


  It is Christmas time!   Seriously, I know it's only December 2, but do you realize how early I would like to start celebrating … [Continue reading]

Defining Terms at the Shoe


  When writing of contemplative practices, terms can get to be confusing quickly.  Contemplative in the Spiritual Formation and Emergent … [Continue reading]

The Weeks Gone By ~ 11/28


  It snowed!!!!   The first snow is simply the best.     These pictures were taken before school, so we had some … [Continue reading]

Good and Healthy Cooking Review & Giveaway


  Have I mentioned before how we're taking "baby steps" towards healthier eating?  If you are of Plain circles, you will know how much we can … [Continue reading]

The Death of a Sinner


  It is hard for a Christian to deal with the death of a sinner.  We constantly wonder if maybe we could have done something more than what we … [Continue reading]

Turning the Tide of Little Boy Kisses


  There was a day not too long ago that I went into mourning. It was the day I realized my boys no longer wanted to give me hugs or kiss me … [Continue reading]

Keys To Raising Children {Grandma’s Column}


  Kendra has asked me to make a few comments periodically for her “Grandma’s Column”---on Childrearing and\or Housekeeping. They will be brief … [Continue reading]

Mentor Need at Springs of Hope Ranch


  Wonderful opportunity to mentor young boys! The position of mentor is with Springs of Hope Ranch in Northern … [Continue reading]

Running On Your Avenue


  Ever feel like you are doing nothing for the kingdom of God? You look around you and it seems like everyone else has a special gift or … [Continue reading]

The Weeks Gone By ~ 11/14


  It has snowed on our beautiful mountains!   I love that first snow.     The boots, gloves, hats, and snowpants … [Continue reading]