A Healthier Me, Update #2


  8 Weeks To a Healthier Me - Update #2             Let me count backwards a minute . . . we are now six weeks into my 8 Weeks To a Healthier Me journey!  And about three weeks from my last update. So here is what has happened in the last … [Continue reading]

Canning Fresh Peaches


  It is peach season!   When we lived back East, I liked to can Baby Gold peaches.  But since moving West, I have been unable to find them.  So we have settled on Elbertas.   This is a project that the children and I do together every year.  They help with the … [Continue reading]

Boys and Their Fishing Flies


  As a summer project, our boys adopted the art of tying fishing flies.  They read a few books from the library, watched some youtube clips on … [Continue reading]

Berean Call Conference . . . Plus Q&A on “Another Jesus Calling”


  I receive weekly emails from The Berean Call and wanted to let you all know about their Berean Bible Conference coming next weekend.  (In … [Continue reading]

Prayers for the Brown Family

Prayer Request Family Blog

      I know some of you have heard of the tragedy that fell on the Brown family the beginning of this month.  I had not … [Continue reading]

Applesauce Making


  Apples, apples, and more apples! We are loving having fresh fruit just a few steps away in our own orchard this summer.  The early apples … [Continue reading]

Peanut Blossom Cookies


  These are Terrel's favorite cookies.  And so we made a batch to take along camping!  Which was postponed due to weather, and so we popped … [Continue reading]

The One Thing To Never Say To A Tired, Stressed-out Mama


  We've all seen her.  The tired, stressed-out mama with a trail of little ones behind her. She's the one who looks to be battling tears at … [Continue reading]

The Weeks Gone By ~ 8/14


  In the past couple weeks, we have had some more special company come to visit us way out west!  Lowell's Uncle Benny and Aunt Miriam dropped … [Continue reading]

A Healthier Me, Update #1


  Yesterday was three weeks since I began my eight-week journey to a healthier me.  So I'm probably past due for an … [Continue reading]

Daddy and Dallas . . . One Year Later


  Remember this picture?       I had taken it when Dallas was somewhere around a month old.  One year … [Continue reading]

Freezing Fresh Green Beans


  We are in the middle of green bean season here.  Of course, it's even a bit later for me personally, since I had to replant most of my green … [Continue reading]

Gardens of Summer


     Come walk with me . . . through gardens of summer.    You must leave your sandals at the garden gate to enjoy it … [Continue reading]

This Land of Ours ~ Hiking To Myrtle Creek Falls


  When it's beautiful outside, sometimes we pack the children up and head out for a hike.  However, as close as the mountains are, we … [Continue reading]

The Weeks Gone By


  I'd like to meet the person who coined the phrase "the lazy days of summer." I really think what they should have said was "the crazy … [Continue reading]

When Conviction Comes With Blonde Curls


  It was cleaning time and I was on a rampage.  Everything in my path was getting either pitched out or put away!  After a while, the house … [Continue reading]

Eight Weeks to a Healthier Me


  Summer is in full swing and Dallas has rounded that huge milestone of turning one!  With it came some growing up he had to do, especially in … [Continue reading]

Our Trip East { Part 8 }


  This is it, folks.  This post contains pictures from our way home back to Idaho.   The Way Home   We started our … [Continue reading]