Caramel Apple Dip


  Since we are in the middle of apples here . . . I thought I'd share my favorite apple dip! Only three ingredients. Creamy caramel dip. Just add apples!       … [Continue reading]

Ditching Netflix for Kindle Unlimited


  If there is one thing I love besides chocolate . . . it is a book.  A good, old-fashioned, hardcover book that has a unique paper smell.  The whisper of each page turning while you sip your cup of coffee.  The feel of the book's binding in your hand - as you reach for that last piece of … [Continue reading]

The Weeks Gone By ~ 10/18


  I have had my itch scratched for a little while now!  My classroom itch. Yes, I was privileged to teach high school at our private church … [Continue reading]

Camper’s Soup


  Truthfully, I'm not sure why this is called Camper's Soup.  I've never taken it camping. Instead, we use it when we need something warm, … [Continue reading]

Treasures From the Chicken Coop


  Come with Wyatt to his favorite place on this little farm!   With the four oldest children in school, I have been pleasantly … [Continue reading]

Derek’s First Deer


   Derek shot his very first deer this past weekend!   At 13 years old, he was excited to shoot this button buck.  At first they … [Continue reading]

This Land of Ours ~ Fishing at Bass Lake


Fishing at Bass Lake     After a long, full Saturday's work . . . we ditched it all and went fishing.   Daddy was the … [Continue reading]

Two Lists of Leaders/Authors: Recommended and Not Recommended


  Lighthouse Trails Research Ministry has a booklet tract out called:  "A Directory of Authors: Three NOT Recommended Lists".  I would urge … [Continue reading]

The Weeks Gone By ~ 10/3


 Family Picture for 2014 It's that time of year when I must start thinking of Christmas pictures, addressing envelopes, and getting it all in the … [Continue reading]

Fruit, Fruit, and More Fruit!


  Harvest time!   Must be half-monkey to pick in some of the trees!     We are so … [Continue reading]

My Quest To Cure the Whining


  More is caught than taught.   That simple truth has caused me to do some serious self-examination many times.  When my children … [Continue reading]

Why I Don’t Read Certain Blogs . . . and Why You Maybe Shouldn’t Read This One


  The title is true. There are some types of blogs I simply won't read.  And it's also true that perhaps it would be in your best interest … [Continue reading]

Homemade Rice Krispy Granola


  Morning granola.  Afternoon granola.       Sometimes . . . we make it supper granola. Plain Greek yogurt, … [Continue reading]

What Is Love?


  I found this old post from back in 2011.  In fact, I had forgotten I'd even written it.  When I find old posts like this from several years … [Continue reading]

To Turn Back the Hands of Time


  I jumped off the edge of a cliff today.  With chocolate in one hand . . . and prayer in the other. It was the cliff called The Teen … [Continue reading]

Weekly Dinner Menu Planner {printable}

Weekly Dinner Menu Planner

  I am not a true foodie. I do not enjoy thinking about my next meal, what I should make, and all the choices to pick from.  I would much … [Continue reading]

8 Weeks To a Healthier Me **Final Update


  If you've been counting the weeks with me, you'll realize I'm posting this a few days early.  My eight weeks are up the beginning of next … [Continue reading]

Update on Pastor Saeed


  I am quickly putting this up because I know some of you have checked back here for updates on Pastor Saeed, who is imprisoned in Iraq, and … [Continue reading]