Eight Weeks to a Healthier Me


  Summer is in full swing and Dallas has rounded that huge milestone of turning one!  With it came some growing up he had to do, especially in regards to sleeping most of the night.  This was a hard thing to do, and took about a week with lots of tears, but we have finally got him sleeping … [Continue reading]

Our Trip East { Part 8 }


  This is it, folks.  This post contains pictures from our way home back to Idaho.   The Way Home   We started our Friday evening and drove all through that night.  Continuing on the next day, we stopped in Central Montana the next night at a motel.  This gave us … [Continue reading]

Our Trip East { Part 7 }


  Thursday   On our trips back to Indiana, we try to split our time between both sides of our families.  When you consider that … [Continue reading]

Our Trip East { Part 6 }


  Wednesday Morning   As we got ready to leave Kenny's place and head over to Dad's Wednesday morning, we had a friend that … [Continue reading]

Our Trip East { Part 5 }


  Monday Evening   Around suppertime on Monday, Levi and Mindy Chupp showed up to give rides with their pony and cart.  The … [Continue reading]

Our Trip East { Part 4 }


  *Monday was a busy day with lots of activity, and the day I probably took the most pictures.  So I will have to leave Monday evening … [Continue reading]

Our Trip East { Part 3 }


  I hope you aren't getting tired of these pictures yet.  Because I was going to try and squeeze two days onto this post also, but I have … [Continue reading]

Our Trip East { Part 2 }


  I've just barely managed to shush the weeds.  For now. As I was resizing all the pictures for this post, I was hoping to get the first … [Continue reading]

Our Trip East { Part 1 }


  This little blog has been quiet - and for good reason.  We took the Shoe and headed east to surprise Lowell's folks for their 60th birthdays … [Continue reading]

The Traumatizing Kiss


  I love to kiss my husband. There.  Now all the world knows this little juicy fact.  (or rather, the small part of the world that reads … [Continue reading]

The Weeks Gone By


  In the weeks gone by I have . . .   loved my husband more,   realized the grace of God over and over again,   made … [Continue reading]

Going Home


  A girl needs to go home every now and then.   And that's what I did this past weekend.  I went home to my old stomping grounds in … [Continue reading]

As I Cast My Crown


  I just found out this week that my Aunt Joanne stepped into Heaven very unexpectedly.  It's come as a shock to everyone, but oh, how my … [Continue reading]

Picnic In The Orchard


  These pictures were taken a couple weeks ago and our blossoms are now all gone.  Instead we have little green cherries, apples, and pears … [Continue reading]

5 WordPress Plugins I Like


  This will be a "bloggy"-type post.  So some of you will probably roll your eyes and say "just get over the technical stuff already"!  True. … [Continue reading]

The Two Goobers


  I've been known to torture my children.     THIS is torture to males of 7-10 years … [Continue reading]

The Week Gone By


   Want to know what happens when you give a baby an espresso?!!   ~~~~~~   I read an interesting article this week by … [Continue reading]

My Career As a Mother


  I am quite an accomplishment.  Yes, sir. I have went through twelve years of the course called Sleep-Deprivation.  It has earned me a … [Continue reading]