Elk In Our Field {Video}

  We woke up this morning to a wonderful surprise right outside our windows!  An entire herd of elk were moving past our house and through the fields to the woods north of us. It was beautiful, the birds were chirping, green grass peeking through . . . it felt deliciously like spring. Grabbing the camera, I hustled outside in my fuzzy pink bathrobe to shoot a few pictures.  That wasn't quite good enough, so I slipped on Lowell's humongous man-sized shoes and tromped out beside the ... read more

5-Minute Leftover Breakfast Casserole

Who doesn't love recipes that take five minutes to whip together? Me, please. We have been tweaking a recipe for the last few weeks using our leftover whole wheat biscuits and sausage gravy. Biscuits are the very best fresh and piping hot from the oven!  So what is a gal supposed to do with leftover biscuits? Besides donating them to the chicken slop . . .    We have been using ours in a breakfast casserole that works well to have on Wednesday mornings.  I picked this morning ... read more


Let’s Discuss It { Should Women Cut Their Hair? }

Sometimes a blogger can give the impression that they have all the answers.  When they really don't.  I'm a person who loves to study and research and I hope I haven't given this impression of "knowing-it-all" to you.  For there are topics I truly don't know the answers to as I'm still learning!So ... read more