Frozen Mocha Cheesecake Dessert

    I've never aspired to be a gourmet cook.  Usually the recipes I reach for are ones that have "easy" in the title. My little family puts up with a rotation of simple meals without complaint.  What a bunch of troopers they are!     But when I was planning the menu for our week of company, I came across an old recipe tucked into my recipe box and I dug it out to try again. It was delicious! In fact, I have it from two young women that it tastes almost like something ... read more

June Cousins {Part 2}

  Ready for round two? One evening, we brought out the ice cream maker and made us some smooth and creamy vanilla ice cream!  We then topped it with strawberry topping made with fresh strawberries from our garden.   It was a big hit!   Well . . . for most people.  Let's just assume he had brain freeze here, okay?!               How much mess can 12 kids make in one living room? One ... read more



Two Lists of Leaders/Authors: Recommended and Not Recommended

  Lighthouse Trails Research Ministry has a booklet tract out called:  "A Directory of Authors: Three NOT Recommended Lists".  I would urge you to read it.  Here is an excerpt:   Over the past twenty plus years, I have spent thousands of hours researching, examining, and refuting ... read more